Upright Piano


1.The European experts called "the most efficient form of soundboard" oblique type soundboard.

2.Unique code bridge processing technology, elaborate string column layout, so that the series of piano has a unique European voice quality features, strong penetrating power, bass, portamento lasting, alto plump uniform transition, the high clear and bright.

3.Action, keyboard strictly comply with the "three point one line" design concept, has sensitive transmission performance, can fully transfer the subtle movements on her finger.

4.Heavy with lead by keys, and then through special process adjustment, play a more comfortable and fluent.

5.Action is imported from Germany is one of the world's most advanced full set of precision equipment and shenda needle and shenda imported from Germany, the rotating part is more flexible and reliable

6.Choose well-known German "ROSLAU wire strings, selection of real wood soundboard, make resonance more durable, more beautiful timbre.