• 1889

    Cooper piano was born during 1889-1892, manufactured by German master craftsmen, Cooper&Adolf. Its design and development costed 6 years. In 1893, Cooper&Adolf established his own piano craft workshop. With time passing by, Cooper&Adolf left the world in 1936. His daughter, Sagina Lousisa inherited his work. She founded the Cooper Piano Company to commemorate her father in 1937.

  • 1938

    In 1938, the company established another branch of Cooper Piano by the Main River, Frankfurt City in Germany. From 1942 to World War II, the factory of German Cooper Piano in Berlin was forced to be shut down. All the Cooper's pianos were produced at the branch on the side of the Main River, Frankfurt City.

  • 1983

    When Cooper Piano brand developed into the late 80s, the Cooper brand moved back from Frankfurt to the Berlin of German. In 1983, the Thomas Diogo occupied the president of the company. The Cooper Piano brand worked hard to innovate and continue pure handmade production. In 90s, Steinway and Bosendorfer Piano popularized the development and innovation of Germany to the world. The Cooper brand still kept the inheritance from the German master craftsmen and the tone master!

  • 2009

    In 2009, the Thomas Diogo turned the market strategy goal to Asia countries. They firstly established the German Cooper Piano Instrument Co., Ltd. in Hongkong, as well as the Cooper Piano Co., Ltd in Shanghai.

  • 2015

    In March, 2015, the German Cooper Piano Instrument Co. Ltd. and Global Georg Breyer Cooper Piano Co. Ltd. (Australia) invested a fully automatic production line for Chinese Cooper Piano Company. Under the great support and guidance from the German Cooper Piano company and Australia Cooper Piano company, the Cooper Piano has made a great breakthrough and won the market acceptance.



Cooper piano was born in 1886 by the German green city, cooper adolf by master craftsmen design and manufacture, design and development in six years, in 1892 the German master craftsman cooper adolf set up his own piano manual mill, with the passage of time, cooper adolf's death in 1936,...

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