Upright Piano


1 selected solid wood soundboard, free vibration are inclined to spell soundboard patent technology, make the vibration of the soundboard more dynamic, resonate more persistent, portamento more long.

2 action, strictly comply with the design concept of German piano keyboard, tactility is more sensitive.

3 with German TECH annatto hammer, the sound level is clear, rich in expressive force.

4 use keyboard of completely real wood, ebony black keys, heavy with lead by key, through special process adjustment, play a more comfortable and fluent.

5 action was brought in by a German of the world's most advanced full set of precision machining equipment, imported shenda needle and shenda, the action is more flexible and reliable.

6 choose well-known German "ROSLAU wire strings, make resonance more durable, more beautiful timbre.

7 shell using import walnut mywood leather decorative, colorful nobility.