Grand Piano


Playing the piano guinness configuration

1: the soundboard, select high-quality spruce pure real wood different thickness soundboard without screw glue code bridge, make the soundboard shock wave is more active, resonate more durable, sound level more rich and colorful;

2: Germany's famous "Roslau wire string," sounds more beautiful;

3: Germany import "dehonit" senior beech plate axis layer, make piano intonation more stability;

4: German imports FECH "ABEL" hammer "AAA", make the sound levels more clear, more rich;

5: import the Czech famous "DETOA" brand of action;

6: the keyboard of completely real wood, the African ebony keyboard, import strings, through special process adjustment again play a more comfortable and fluent;

7: completely real wood veneer back rack and the back column connected by stud and nut, and lay a foundation to ensure the effective of soundboard lasting radian.