Grand Piano


Types of optional: GT160 / GT172 / GT186

GT150 series grand piano is a family with a small triangle piano, has a very high cost performance.

1.Select high-quality spruce wood soundboard, resonate more durable, more beautiful timbre.

2.Choose well-known German "ROSLAU wire" string.

3.Imported from Germany advanced beech plate laminated string axis.

4.Adopt imported felt hammer, make sound levels more clear.

5.Action, strictly comply with the design concept of European piano keyboard, tactility is more sensitive.

6.Use keyboard of completely real wood, heavy with lead by key, again through special process adjustment, play a more comfortable and fluent.

7.The central function of the pedal is specific selective delay pedal.

8.Descending to install with built-in hydraulic line, make the open and close more safety.