Grand Piano


Types of optional: GT150 GT160 / GT172 / GT196 GT210 / GT231 / GT275

Type GT186 grand piano is family and professional playing the lute. Line is feminine, elegant shape, has a very high cost performance.

1.The soundboard, select high-quality spruce pure real wood different thickness soundboard without screw glue code bridge, make the soundboard shock wave is more active, resonate more durable, sound level more rich and colorful.

2.Germany's famous "Roslau wire string, more beautiful timbre.

3.Senior German imports "dehonit" beech plate laminated string axis, make piano intonation more stable and durable.

4.German imports TECH "AAA" hammer "ABEL" annatto core, make sound levels more clear, expression more rich.

5.Import the Czech famous "DETOA" action.

6.Using completely real wood, keyboard African ebony black keys, import strings, then through special process adjustment play a more comfortable and fluent.

7.Completely real wood veneer back rack and the back column connected by stud and nut, and lay a foundation to ensure the effective of soundboard lasting radian.

8.Installed imported descending built-in hydraulic line.