Upright Piano


T21 model series piano originated in European classical design, sound and moving, range is broad, beautiful, modelling is novel and unique, circular arc surface and straight edge surface ingenious fuse and reveal the fashionable and elegant.

1.Adopted the oblique or composite soundboard patent design, make the vibration of the soundboard more dynamic, portamento more long.

2.By bond reassortment lead the real wood the keyboard, the German shenda needle and shenda materials and Germany introduced the world's most advanced full set of precision equipment processing action, tactility more sensitive, play a more comfortable and fluent.

3.Imported felt annatto (white) hammer, choose German famous "ROSLAU wire strings, make resonance more durable, more beautiful timbre, level more clearly.

4.Use South Korea imported paint, after the Italian SCM company drench lacquer, sanding, polishing equipment and processing of shell, more colorful nobility.

5.Built-in escape to open and close more secure key cover.