Upright Piano


TD25 white matte

1.Adopted the soundboard vibration more dynamic, more powerful bass sound long oblique or composite board design patent

2.Selected high quality European spruce wood soundboard, ensure perfect acoustic performance.

3.Single root color wood bridge, audio transmission is more quickly and accurately.

4.Germany's famous "ROSLAU wire strings, make more beautiful timbre, level more clearly.

5.German multilayer solid ju wood crisscross joining together "dehonit" string axis board, ensure the stability of intonation

6.Basswood solid wood keyboard, African ebony black keys, Germany minerals strings, by bond reassortment lead process, play a more comfortable and fluent.

7.German imports of shenda needle and shenda materials, high quality solid wood, color wood Germany introduced the world's most advanced full set of precision equipment processing action, make the action is more sensitive.

8.German TECH "AAA" core "ABEL" annatto hammer, and make a more beautiful timbre, level more clearly, more rich expressive force.

9.Pedal drive system is selected color wood processing, have full-bodied European classic feelings.